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Web-Based Training - 15 BACB Credits

VB-MAPP App offers BCBA created online web based training!

These online, self-paced training courses are audio and video rich and taught by Liz Maher, MEd, BCBA. Hands on exercises provide the necessary experience participants need to feel confident when Using the VB-MAPP App, Conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment and then Teaching students after the VB-MAPP Assessment. This VB-MAPP web-based training library is offered for $149.00 per participant per year. It is available 24x7 and you can start any time! The audience for this training is BCBAs, BCaBAs, SLPs, Psychologists, and educators working in ABA settings with students with Autism. As the training reviews Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior as well as the elementary verbal operants, undergraduate, graduate college students and parents are also very welcome. Group rates are available!

The training shows everything you need to use the VB-MAPP App, conduct the VB-MAPP Assessment and a complete guide to teaching techniques after the VB-MAPP Assessment has been completed. Interactive video forums allow you to ask questions and receive answers from Liz. This service should be used both as a training series as well as a reference and assistance service as you provide evidence based instructional services to your students.

This 1 full year subscription includes three courses and 15 BACB type 2 CEUs:

Using the VB-MAPP App for iPad, iPhone and Web1 hour0 CEUs
Conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment8 hours5 CEUs
Teaching students after the VB-MAPP Assessment12 hours10 CEUs

"Using the VB-MAPP App for iPad, iPhone and Web” online course includes: (0 CEUs)

  • Welcome to the VB-MAPP App!
  • Which platform: iPhone, iPad, Web? Answer: All of them!
  • Navigating the app, starting and resuming an assessment
  • Reporting and sharing results
  • Purchasing student seats
  • Getting Help

"Conducting the VB-MAPP Assessment" online course includes: (5 CEUs)

  • Introduction to the Course
  • What is ABA and how does it relate to language?
  • What is the VB-MAPP?
  • The VB-MAPP Milestones Assessment
  • The Early Echoic Skills Assessment
  • The Task Analysis and supporting skills list
  • The Barriers Assessment
  • The Transition Assessment
  • Interpreting the results

"Teaching students after the VB-MAPP Assessment" online course includes: (10 CEUs)

  • Emerging and Established Level 1 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 1
    • How to pair with early learners
    • How to choose a response form
    • How to increase vocalizations
    • How to establish Instructional Control
    • What type of programs to run with these learners
  • Emerging and Established Level 2 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 2
    • How to use the students' strengths to teach other skills
    • How to expand established programs
    • How to improve articulation
    • How to encourage generalized responding
    • How to initiate social skills and sitting in a group
  • Emerging and Established Level 2 Learners: VB-MAPP Milestones Level 3
    • How to work on more complex language skills
    • How to expand already established skills/li>
    • How to introduce academic skills
    • How to work on skills needed for a student to move to a lesser restrictive environment
  • Considerations when programming for the students who exhibit barriers to learning as discovered by the VB-MAPP Barriers assessment
  • Considerations when programming for students who are ready to move to a lesser restrictive environment as discovered from the VB-MAPP Transitions Assessment
  • Program books and Data collection

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